At last year’s CODE WEEK EUROPE event we offered 8 programs for children and teachers. They came to us, and during our interactive tutorial lessons they tried

  • how to program MicroBit and
  • LEGO® Education robots,
  • develop mobile applications and online games,

We promise that we will offer many similar creative programs this year as well!

EDU & FUN Camps

We organized our first camp in July 2017, and the application list was already full in a couple of days. Kids could immerse themselves in the new wonders of the digital world – such as 3D design, 3D printing and robotics – for 5 days. These 5 days have passed incredibly quickly! We were pleased that not only boys but girls also applied, and everyone had a really great time together!


Our daycare skill development program is a real „digital wizard training” – the creative game helps to develop critical thinking and digital competence; experimental, problem-solving and logical-algorithmic skills; and improves the willingness to teamwork.

What kind of programs are the organizers preparing?
  • games that need collaboration, creativity and logic: including measurements, observations, treasure hunts and wizard duels using mobile devices
  • playful introduction to programming (unplugged and online games)
  • robot programming in environments aimed at different age-groups (from the simple controls to creative programming solutions)

The robot camp in Zánka between July 24th – July 29th 2016 introduced the playful programming, robotics and game development to 100 children. The tools and equipment were provided by MOE Kft.


We organized together with Játékmester (the leader of Zoo Camp) summer daycare camps for the children of the the employees of MVM (a Hungarian energy and power corporation). The camps lasted several weeks and the kids had the opportunity to experience 3D design, printing, programming and robotics.

Alba Innovár

EDU & FUN have got common goals with Alba Innovár in Székesfehérvár.
The most important goal of both of the partners is that kids should get familiar with robots, IT and smart devices and learn about the world of digitalization in a fun and experimental way.
Alba Innovár’s digital play equipment, 3D printers, LEGO® Education tools and other IT accessories were provided by MOE Kft.