Playing makes learning a worthwhile experience!

Our goal was to create an organization that helps children and teachers to discover the beauty of science and programming through their own experiences and explore the endless possibilities inherent in them.

We believe that children who get familiar with programming in a playful and fun way, can not only have an easier time in everyday life, but are more likely to develop a lot of interest in information technology and choose it their own vocation.

EDU & FUN offers LEGO® Education training packages, 3D printers and other digital devices.

EDU & FUN camp
  • enrich the participants with useful knowledge and experience
  • familiarize the newest areas of information technology with children in a playful way
  • ⦁ demonstrate the effectiveness of the playful, practice-oriented, „learning by doing” approach to educators


Educational exhibition in London

EDU & FUN was invited to Brett Show, one of the largest international educational exhibitions in London. We will be present at the Hungarian stand, showing that Hungary has stepped on the path towards digital education, and more and more schools will be present in robotics and 3D printing.

CAMP, Workshop

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